Installation cable solution for home

Household wiring system is a diminutive integrated wiring system, it would be a perfect intelligent village
part of the integrated wiring system, also can complete independence makes system of an integrated wiring.
Integrated wiring system
Buildings or buildings within the transmission network, is the "information superhighway" within the building.It is both voice and data communications equipment, switching equipment, and other information management systems connected to each other, and make the equipment connected with the outside world communication network.
Centralized control system
The equipment control integration in the touch screen operation, simplify the operation process, support the scene mode, as a key, a key leave, improve work efficiency.
Amplification systems
Spokesman or electronic equipment within the audio amplifier output signal transmission processing, to ensure that participants are able to clearly hear the message content.
Smart home, intelligent life
A variety of household
To start a family, family audio video network, family, home computer network system network
Facilitate future life
Place reserved interface may need to use the equipment in the future, to make a change in the location of equipment and increase equipment, as long as change the jumper wire equipment connection will be finished
Save money, safe and reliable
The whole family as a system design, from material selection to Confucius planning, are to be carried out in accordance with national standards, therefore, all lines to ensure safe and reliable.
The topological structure