Installation cable solution for meeting room in 50m

Meeting is indispensable to daily work environment an environment, this scheme to solve the basic needs of conference system, but under the condition of satisfy the basic needs, provide an optional configuration, used to supplement the meeting certain aspects of the system requirements.
Amplification systems
Spokesman or electronic equipment within the audio amplifier output signal transmission processing, to ensure that participants are able to clearly hear the message content.
Display system
It is to facilitate all of the participants to be able to see clearly the meeting show information. This is the projection system.
Digital conference system
By equipped with a chairman of the unit and some only on behalf of the unit., chairman of the unit can control other representative unit speech rights, such as interruption, opening, etc.
Design highlights, real experience
Broad horizon, people easily share
Provide visual information electronic system.Display system according to the different application, using one or more, one or more display devices, the visual information, provide single or group receives signals from different electronic device or system.
To present you the pleasant voice
System in the design, the speaker of the loudest level, the protection of power amplifier power reserve, speaker, audio processor's processing ability and master mixer, the introduction of the design concept of redundancy backup, the overall system solution, except for sound quality hi-fi playback, another important advantage is greatly improves the reliability of the equipment.
Lightweight deployment,
lightweight participants
We not only greatly improve the sound quality, improve the system reliability, and fundamentally eliminate the interference in the system of general meeting, distortion, defects such as crosstalk and system instability.Make every delegates all can hear the sound of the stable, pure.System operation and the process of implement the comprehensive control, and system operation and installation is very simple.
Each ascending, to be better experience
This scheme USES amplification, display and so on a series of electronic equipment, they played the sound transmission, show that the effect of amplification, achieve the goal that can see can listen, can talk.Let you at a meeting, to solve these problems, make your conference theme to every participants, clearly and legibly.