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User Agreement

这些条款对您的以下行为进行约束:使用我们的网站或Creative Cloud之类的服务(下文统称“服务”),以及使用我们作为服务一部分所包含的软件,其中包括所有的应用程序、内容文件(定义见下文)、脚本、指令集,以及任何相关文档(下文统称“软件”)。使用服务或软件即表明您同意这些条款。如果您已就特定服务或软件与我们签订了其他协议,则在其他协议的条款与这些条款发生冲突时,以其他协议的条款为准。正如下面第3条所述,对于您通过服务提供的内容,您可以保留您所拥有的全部权利和所有权。

These terms constrain your use of services such as our website or Creative Cloud (collectively the "Service"), as well as the software that we use as part of our services, including all applications, content files ( As defined below), scripts, instruction sets, and any related documentation (hereinafter collectively referred to as "software"). By using the Services or the Software, you agree to these terms. If you have entered into other agreements with us regarding a particular service or software, the terms of the other agreement shall prevail when the terms of the other agreement conflict with these terms. As stated in Article 3 below, you can retain all rights and ownership you have for the content you provide through the Services.

  1. 本协议的履行。

    1.1 法律选择。如果您居住在北美地区,则您的协议对象为美国公司Adobe Systems Incorporated,且服务和软件受美国加利福尼亚州法律管辖。如果您居住在北美以外的地区,则您的协议对象为Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited,且服务和软件受爱尔兰法律管辖。您可能享有法律规定的其他权利。我们不会在法律禁止的情况下试图限制这些权利。

    1.2 资格。您必须符合以下条件才能使用服务:(a)年满13周岁,以及(b)法律允许您签订具有法律约束力的合同。

    1.3 隐私权。隐私权政策的网址为http://www.adobe.com/go/privacy_cn,该政策约束您提供给我们的任何个人信息。 使用服务或软件即表明您同意隐私权政策的条款。

    1.4 可用性。描述服务的页面全球各地均可访问,但这并不意味着在您所在的国家可以使用所有的服务或服务功能,也不意味着服务所提供的由用户生成的内容在您所在的国家具有合法性。在某些国家,我们可能会禁止该地的用户访问某些服务(或者某些服务功能或内容)。您有责任确保在您所处地区可合法使用服务。服务不会以所有语言提供。

    1.5 附加条款。某些服务或软件还受下面附加条款(“附加条款”)的约束。我们向您提供的任何内容(如软件、SDK、样本等)仅供许可使用而非出售,并且可能需遵守附加条款。我们可能会不时添加新的附加条款

    1. fulfillment of this Agreement.

    1.1 legal choice. If you live in North America, your agreement is for Adobe Systems Incorporated, and the services and software are governed by the laws of the State of California. If you live outside of North America, your agreement is Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited, and the services and software are governed by Irish law. You may have other rights under the law. We will not attempt to restrict these rights in cases where the law prohibits them.

    1.2 qualifications. You must meet the following criteria in order to use the service: (a) at least 13 years of age, and (b) the law allows you to sign a legally binding contract.

    1.3 Privacy. The privacy policy is available at http://www.adobe.com/go/privacy_cn, which governs any personal information you provide to us. By using the Service or the Software, you agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy.

    1.4 Usability. The pages that describe the service are accessible all over the world, but this does not mean that you can use all the services or services in your country, nor does it mean that the user-generated content provided by the service is legal in your country Sex. In some countries, we may prohibit users from accessing certain services (or certain service functions or content). It is your responsibility to ensure that your service is legally used in your area. The service will not be available in all languages.

    1.5 Additional terms. Certain services or software are subject to the following additional terms ("Additional Terms"). Any content we provide to you (such as software, SDK, samples, etc.) is for license only and not for sale and may be subject to additional terms. We may add new terms from time to time