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Privacy Policy

Adobe 隐私权政策描述了 Adobe 网站、产品、在线服务和应用程序的隐私权惯例。如果您是北美居民,则与美国公司 Adobe Systems Incorporated 建立关系,加利福尼亚法律和美国法律为适用法律。如果您是北美以外地区的居民,则与 Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited 建立关系,Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited 将控制您的个人信息,爱尔兰法律为适用法律。

The Adobe Privacy Policy describes the privacy practices of Adobe sites, products, online services, and applications. If you are a North American resident, establish a relationship with US company Adobe Systems Incorporated, California law and US law as applicable law. If you are a resident of North America, Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited will establish a relationship with Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited, which will control your personal information and Irish law is applicable law.